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The Story Behind Row BBB

For many friends of the theatre, the Barclay can feel like their second home. This is especially true for long-time employee Ginny Hayward. Not only did Ginny help shape the Barclay with her hard work and dedication throughout the last 30+ years, but she’s also left a legacy by naming the 4 seats in Row BBB of the balcony. We caught up with Ginny to get the full story behind the seats.

Michelle: Tell us about your experience working at the Barclay.
Ginny: I responded to a job listing in the newspaper in 1987, and was hired as the first employee of the Irvine Barclay Theatre Operating Company – long before the theatre was even built! For the first two years of my job I helped with the fundraising efforts of the Board and Trustees, and even assisted with the job search for the founding president. The Barclay opened in 1990, and I can still remember so many of the preparations and details for the opening festivities. I have worked in many roles in the Barclay administration over the years. I am now the Director of Programming, which means I work with the artists’ agents and alongside the Barclay team to build our season of IBT Presents performances.

M: When the Barclay first opened, there was a seat naming opportunity for the original seats. Did you participate? 
G: Yes, from both sides – I actually managed the original seat sales in 1989. And, even though it was a stretch for a young couple at the time, my husband and I felt it was important to be early supporters of the theatre’s goal, so we named seat BBB2 after our cat, Scooter. It was fun to see his name every time we watched a performance over the last 30 years. To complete the row, the other three seats were named by my husband’s parents, my parents, and a mutual family friend.

M: Why did you select the upper right balcony seats?
G: Those seats are my favorite for several reasons. The location provides excellent sight lines to the stage, so anytime we would bring guests, we wanted them to enjoy the performance from that vantage point. I am also the point person for the artists who perform at the Barclay, so the seats are in a great position for me to subtly enter and exit during the run of a show without disturbing other patrons.

M: We’re so grateful for your ongoing support – why did you choose to invest in the seat naming campaign once again?
G: We wanted to keep up the tradition of the “family row,” and still feel that it's important to support the Barclay in its mission to present the performing arts in our community. I’ve enjoyed watching the Barclay grow and evolve since our doors opened in 1990. I have countless memories of amazing performances, inspiring artists, and gathering with friends and loved ones to enjoy an evening out together. Since Scooter already enjoyed his time in the spotlight, we’ve updated the captions for me and my husband; my son; and a seat for each set of our parents in loving memory. The Hayward family row is ready for the next 20+ years of curtain calls!