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Irvine Barclay Theatre Technical Specifications

Total Seating: 755     
Auditorium seats: 585  
Balcony seats: 170
auditorium photos
*note: auditorium interior is now painted deep slate blue / grey

Proscenium Opening: Height:   24', trimmed to 22'; Width:    40'6"
Stage dimensions: 87'3" w  x  41'6" d
Grid height from stage floor: 64'1" 
photos of the stage

Loading dock at stage level: accommodates 1-3 trucks or busses

Curtain line to back wall (usable): 40'
Curtain line to last usable rigging line: 33'6"
Curtain line to apron edge:
7'8"  with orchestra pit lift in use (lowered)
17'6"  w/ orchestra pit at stage level
Follow spot booth to stage curtain line:  84'6" 
Rigging lines available (with standard black masking): 18
Rigging lines available (without standard black masking): 31
Rigging line capacity is 1100 lbs. and trim 3' to 62' above stage level

Orchestra pit capacity: up to 35 musicians
Small rehearsal room dimensions: 36' x 22'  x 10' H
small rehearsal room photo

Stage Floor: Resilient (sleepers atop neoprene pads)

Main Curtain: Heavy velour sewn 200% full in dark crimson, and may either fly or travel

Detailed technical information, plan and section drawings and seating charts are available upon request. Email