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Irvine Barclay Theatre Facilities and Amenities

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Dressing Rooms (all on stage level, stage left) photos

  • Principal-Two single or double rooms, each with private bathroom
  • Ensemble-Two rooms each accommodating 18, with private bathrooms
  • Green Room equipped with kitchenette, rest-room

Wardrobe Area

  • A washer, dryer, ironing equipment and steamer are located in the trap room
  • Rolling wardrobe racks are available for wardrobe handling

Small Rehearsal Room photo

  • The small rehearsal room has the same resilient floor construction as the stage floor, with a permanent
  • linoleum surface
  • Amenities include ballet barre, a mirrored wall with black-out curtain, and sink area

Shop area photos

Orchestra Shell Enclosure

  • Modular system of ceiling, reflectors with overhead lighting and side and rear walls
  • Four configurations-the large configuration accommodates up to 70 musicians

Concert Equipment

  • 80 orchestra chairs and stands with sufficient lighting
  • 4 stepped choral risers
  • 4' x 8' platform-type risers; 5 at 8"h, 5 at 16" h (various other sizes also available)
  • 1 Steinway model D 9' grand piano
  • 1 Yamaha U3E upright piano

Dance Equipment

  • A Harlequin Studio floor, in black, is available-rosin may and has been used
  • Size available 48'w x up to 40'd

Stage Drapery

  • 5 pair legs and 5 borders in black, sewn flat (no fullness)
  • 2 pair travelers in black, sewn flat (no fullness)
  • 3 scrims, 2 in black, 1 in white
  • 1 white rear-projection screen/cyc

Stage Sound System booth photos

  • Provides for reinforcement, amplification and effects
  • Permanent left, right line arrays
  • Digital control console
  • Production monitor and stage manager page to all dressing rooms and backstage areas
  • Production communication is ClearCom 

Stage Lighting System

  • 480 dimmer per circuit
  • Follow-spot booth
  • 4 front-of-house catwalks
  • 3 pair box booms
  • 7 stage electric pipes
  • Stage floor pockets
  • Digital control console
  • Over 350 ellipsoidals
  • 30 each PAR 64 and fresnels
  • Appropriate border lighting for backdrop/cyc
  • 8 rolling light booms
  • 3 Super Trouper short throw xenon follow-spots

Company Switch

  • 200 amp 3 phase switch (cam-loc)
  • 400 amp 3 phase switch (cam-loc)
  • Both services are located down stage left

Detailed technical information, plan and section drawings and seating charts are available upon request. Email: