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Backhausdance plugs in a little Dwight Rhoden for an electric premiere

May 24, 2019
Los Angeles Times
By Laura Bleiberg

Who knew that adding a little Dwight Rhoden to the Backhausdance repertory could have such an electrifying effect on the spunky Orange County dance company?

Rhoden, co-founder and artistic director of Complexions, is all about showing off his dancers and revealing their mojo. He does that with flashy, body-beautiful technique. His aesthetic is almost the opposite of Jenny Backhaus, whose beautifully crafted but placid — and sometimes timid — dances constitute most of the repertory.

Shaking things up was apparently just what Backhaus’ group needed. The dancers seemed to grow bigger before our eyes Wednesday during a three-part performance at the Irvine Barclay Theatre.

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