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C.S. Lewis 
Further Up & Further In

July 19 - July 22, 2023 

Written and performed by Max McLean

A dazzling theatrical experience taking you further up and further into the spiritual journey of C.S. Lewis.

When Lewis came to faith in 1931, it wasn’t obvious how that journey would unfold. Why did the BBC give him a national audience for popular radio talks that became Mere Christianity? How did Hitler influence the writing of The Screwtape Letters? Why was Lewis such an effective apologist/evangelist to skeptics? Prayer? His expectation of the Second Coming? His longing for Heaven?

Using Lewis’ own words, award-winning actor Max McLean takes you Further Up & Further In the life of one of history’s most gifted writers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Further Up and Further In run time is 90 minutes with no intermission. It is recommended for ages 13 and older, and per the producer, children ages 4 and under will not be admitted.