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Trio Barclay: Ravel's Piano Trio

Sun. Jan. 21, 2024 at 5pm

Irvine Barclay Theatre Ensemble-in-Residence

Dennis Kim: violin
Jonah Kim: cello
Sean Kennard: piano

RAVEL: Piano Trio in A Minor
Additional repertoire to be announced

In their second performance of the season, Trio Barclay brings to life Ravel’s Piano Trio, an unparalleled masterpiece of classical music.

Written in 1914, this work is considered one of the greatest examples of Impressionist period music and showcases Ravel’s extraordinary talent for blending different musical styles including Baroque, jazz, and Basque folk music from the region where the composer lived as a child.

This remarkable work is a definitional piece for piano trios. Over the more than 100 years since its premier in 1915, the work has been performed and recorded by each generation’s greatest trios. Be sure to join us as Trio Barclay takes its place in that musical pantheon.

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