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Aida Cuevas: 45th Anniversary
Yo Creo Que Es Tiempo

Fri. Sept. 30, 2022 at 8pm

"Cuevas is to Mexico what Aretha Franklin is to the United States: a powerful voice that encapsulates the essence of her nation’s spirit.”  — The Kansas City Star

Dubbed “The Queen of Mariachi,” Aida Cuevas is beloved for her unswerving devotion to traditional mariachi music and for her mastery of its demanding vocal forms.

In 45th Anniversary - Yo Creo Que Es Tiempo, Cuevas celebrates her long career as Mexico’s most important female voice. Joined by renowned Mariachi Aztlán, along with other special guests, Aida performs her most beloved songs, including “El Pastor,” “Mexico en la piel,” and her greatest hits “Te Doy Las Gracias” and “Quizás Mañana.”

With 41 album releases to her credit, Cuevas is the first female singer in the mariachi genre to win a Grammy. Her unique voice and style have created a remarkable place in the history of Mexican music for this emotionally powerful performer.

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