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The Wooden Floor: Hope Abounds

Thurs - Sat, June 2-4, 2022 at 8pm
Sat. June 4 at 2:30pm 

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A powerful, must-see contemporary dance performance, featuring the nation's top artists, designers, and choreographers working in collaboration with youth from low-income communities. These young dancers harness their distinctive points of view to consistently produce poignant, ground-breaking dance pieces that have drawn national accolades.

Free bonus for Friday patrons!

Friday, June 3 at 6:45pm

Explore the work in Hope Abounds with the cast and choreographers Falon Baltzell, Kendra Portier, and Christina Robson at a free pre-performance chat.


The Wooden Floor’s Artistic Director Falon Baltzell’s piece examines the wonderment, oddity, and idiosyncrasies of pushing ourselves beyond our limits through courage and curiosity. Dancers explore moving through space and time to engineer a luminance world composed of structural landscapes and minimalistic movement design. The performers are exploring, trying to find out as much as they can about their new world, reminding the audience about the courage, curiosity, and glowing light within us all.

Choreographer Kendra Portier’s piece explores the energy, texture, color, and poeticism of geologic mechanizations — the majestic and cataclysmic. Arriving like a movement painting, the dancers move through vibrant swells of action that cascade, careen, and skitter into quicksilver rhythms and simmering pools of patience and care. Complex patterns unearthed like hills shaped by time, rivers, and wind, the performers are the architects, the painters, the creators of a world built together.

duneswept, choreographed by Christina Robson, is a meditation on constructing patterns of movement and experiencing their impermanence. The ensemble swells through space, each fleeting moment thoughtfully imprinted into the swirling melodies of the Emerson String Quartet. Like elements shape landscape, movements erode, drift and flood, forming and reforming. This work explores a continuous cycle of gestural movements, their inherent dissolve and residual impressions. duneswept is inspired by Robson’s New England upbringing and the capricious coastal landscapes of Provincetown, Massachusetts.