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Workshop for UCI Dance Students with MOMIX dancers

A dancer from the Contemporary Dance Company MOMIX lead a Master Class for UCI Dance Students on Friday, Oct 25 at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UCI.

MOMIX dancer, Anthony Bocconi, conducted a Master Class for 10 students. After a Horton Technique warm up he  invited them to improvise by shadowing each other. Finally, using original music from the show, he taught the class some of the movements they use in a piece called "Bugs." During a performance, the dancers are visible only in silhouette, crouching, scurrying, hopping and kicking in insectlike ways. The Class ended with a discussion of the rewards and challenges of touring a show for years internationally and Anthony shared his tips on career development and what it is to be an Amercan Modern Dancer.

Organized as part of the UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts Contemporary Dance Initiative and The Barclay's ArtsReach Program