Total Seats: 755 (585 in Orchestra level, 170 at Balcony level)
Main Curtain: Heavy velour sewn 200% full in dark crimson, and may either fly or travel
Proscenium Opening: Height: 24', trimmed to 22'; Width: 40'6"
Stage dimensions: 87'3" w  x  41'6"
Stage Floor: Resilient; sleepers atop neoprene pads
Grid height from stage floor: 64'1"
Orchestra Pit: Capacity up to 35 musicians
Loading Dock: Located directly behind the facility, loading dock at stage level, can accommodate up to 3 trucks and/or busses.

5 pair legs and 5 borders in black, sewn flat (no fullness)
2 pair travelers in black, sewn flat (no fullness)
3 scrims, 2 in black, 1 in white
1 white rear-projection screen/cyc

Provides for reinforcement, amplification and effects
Permanent left, right line arrays
Digital control console
Production monitor and stage manager page to all dressing rooms and backstage areas
Production communication is ClearCom 
(located downstage left)

480 dimmer per circuit
Follow-spot booth
4 front-of-house catwalks
3 pair box booms
7 stage electric pipes
Stage floor pockets
Digital control console
Over 350 ellipsoidals
30 each PAR 64 and fresnels
Appropriate border lighting for backdrop/cyc
8 rolling light booms
3 Super Trouper short throw xenon follow-spots
Company Switch
200 amp 3 phase switch (cam-loc)
400 amp 3 phase switch (cam-loc)

Curtain line measurements:
to back wall (usable): 40'; to last usable rigging line: 33'6"; to apron edge with orchestra pit lift in use: 7’8”; to apron edge with orchestra pit at stage level: 17”6”; to follow spot booth: 84'6"

Rigging Information:
Rigging line capacity is 1100 lbs. and trim 3' to 62' above stage level. 18 lines available with standard black masking, 31 lines available without standard black masking.

Detailed technical information, plan and section drawings and seating charts are available upon request. Email